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 Dan McSorley  Jayson Bent  Jordan Elliot
 Matt Elliot  Mike Linney  Mike Aish
 Richard Cox  Shane Walker  Tamas Keri
 Will Prince    

Name: Dan McSorley

Profession: Accountant

Waterpolo Career: Midland League Divisions 1 & 2 (Winner Div 2), Warwick League (Winner), Nottingham League (Winner), Nottingham Cup (Winner), Wrekin League (Winner)

Why I play: The Social Comradery

Name: Jayson Bent

Profession: Operation Support Manager - Catering

Waterpolo Career: “Wrekin League 2012 – 2016, B-Man Cup 2013 – 2016, Midland and Warwickshire 2016, Hasselt 2016 ”

Why I play: “I first started playing waterpolo because I wanted to try a different sport to those I had played before. I enjoy playing as it is a good way to keep physically fit, stay active and its challenging.


Jordan Elliot

Profession: Student

Waterpolo Career: “National League Division 1 -5, Midland League, Handi-cap cup winners, 4 x midland junior league champions, 5 x midlands champion, 5 x National age group top scorer, 1 NAG winner and 4 runner ups, 25 GB appearances – 26 goals, Croatian 2nd division winner and International Exiles Cup Winner ”

Why I play: “My family have been involved in polo and so I decided to get involved, and as my sister had achieved international success, I wanted the same. I also play for the enjoyment of the game and to succeed. ”

Jordan Elliot

JE Team

Name: Matt Elliot

Profession: Lead Software Analyst

Waterpolo Career: National League Div 1 -5 (Solihull, Swindon, Warwick, GB Juniors), Mens Midland League 1,2 & 3 (Won Div 2 and 3 for Solihull and Coventry), ASA Junior Champs – Won with Sheffield, Junior Midlands League – Won with Warley and Solihull, Youth Midlands League – Coventry. I also played for GB Youth in a tournament in France.

Why I play: I got bored of swimming and polo gave me the chance to throw a ball around  and wrestle, which was much more fun. I enjoy the social side of playing with different teams and players. It’s a great way to be fit and active, as well as having competition. 

Name: Mike Linney

Profession: Sales Enginner

Waterpolo Career: “Junior Midland League, Regional Development, City of Birmingham U18, National Academy, City of Coventry Mens, Warwick Mens National League”

Why I play: “Waterpolo is a great form of exercise that increases all areas of fitness. There is a real camaraderie within the team and I really enjoy socialising with the team, on and off the pitch.

Name: Mike Aish

Profession: Project Manager

Waterpolo Career: I have played for Coventry through every division. This includes U14, U16, Midland Div 1,2 and 3, Nottingham League and National League 1 and 2. I also played Solihull U19 and Warwickshire U19. I currently play for Coventry Men in Midland Division 1 and the National League for Warwick in Division 5.

Why I play: I love being part of a club and a team. I enjoy the physical challenge of the sport and the comradery within the team.

Name: Richard Cox

Profession: Teacher

Waterpolo Career: “2 x B-man cup winner, Multiple Midland and Warwickshire League Wins, Warwickshire Cup Winner. 2nd Place in an International Tournament”

Why I play: “I got tired of swimming and wanted to play a team based sport. Now I play to keep in touch with friends and stay fit”

Name: Shane Walker

Profession: Armed Forces

Waterpolo Career: “South East, North West, Midlands”

Why I play: “I play polo to keep fit, get out of work and escape from the reality of life”

Name: Tamas Keri

Profession: Seafreight Supervisor

Waterpolo Career: “Hungarian U19 Division 2: Gold 1998 & Silver 1999, Hungarian Mens Division 2: Bronze 2002, British National League Winner 2010”

Why I play: “Having Fun and staying fit”

Name: Will Prince

Profession: Engineer

Waterpolo Career: “National League for Coventry, Midland League for Coventry, Warwickshire League for Coventry”

Why I play: “I enjoy Waterpolo as it helps keep me fit.”

Cold Swims! by Adam Ruckwood on 2016-10-24
Excellent job on Saturday from the Senior Elite swimmers and their cold swims - a max effort swim at 6am with no warm-up. 6 swimmers within 3% of their PBs - great job!

Race Simulation by Adam Ruckwood on 2016-06-09
Nice job yesterday from Senior Elite with their Race Simulation day - fast swimming guys!

Solihull invitation Gala by Steve Burke on 2016-03-12
Our first opurtunity to see how we performed as a team we had no good swims only great ones. With 24 1st 12 2nd 7 3rd places and 2 DQs we won with 243 points 24 points ahead of Rugby and 41 points ahead of Solihull . Thanks to Mel Mcwhirter for team managing no mean task on your own. Well done!

100 Challenge by Paul Wilson on 2016-02-11
Big effort tonight from HA1 and JP, congrats especially to Niall going 40 100s! #fastswimming

#fastswimming by Paul Wilson on 2016-02-10
HA1 loving life with a max kick set, they love kick so much! Booooom!!

Great Week for Junior Elite by Rikki Morris on 2016-01-30
Excellent session this morning from Junior Elite! And great way to end a hard week of work! Well Done!

Go Alex by Adam Ruckwood on 2016-01-26
Alex Carroll showing all the Senior Elite lads the way tonight with his 10.5 for 25m underwater kick with fins - boom! Charlie Waddingham not happy.......!

Great Session HA2! by Jessica Ford on 2015-11-24
A big well done to HA2 who put in their best effort this evening. One of the toughest sets weve done so far!

Junior Elite by Rikki Morris on 2015-11-11
Great session from Junior Elite tonight! The best threshold session weve done all season! Excellent work!

Coloured achievers by Steve Burke on 2015-11-01
Well done coloured achievers 3k today looked impressive and you all worked hard . Just remember fual just like all engines ensures they keep running so bring and drink plenty.

Ginger north trophy gala by Steve Burke on 2015-10-24
Well done to all swimmers who swam at leamington tonight there were some good hard swims and some great come backs . Well done guys lets build on this for the future . Thanks to the team managers who got all swimmers to the right place at the right time well done .

Great set HA1 by Paul Wilson on 2015-10-21
Great job from HA1 tonight, tough kick test, no backing down! Good job!!

Happy Birthday Abs by Adam Ruckwood on 2015-10-08
Big happy 17th birthday to Abi Humphreys - 40x100 Free at 5.30am this morning was my gift to her! Enjoy!!

Coaches Blogs by Adam Ruckwood on 2015-09-11
All of the coaches will soon have access to put their blogs on here, maybe it will be about something they have seen, something their groups have done. Keep your eyes peeled

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